Your Call or His?

When Will He CallCompromise is essential to a happy relationship. The ability to admit when we’re wrong by apologizing with complete sincerity (while honestly listening to your partner’s concerns) is one of the most loving and respectful traits we can develop for our partner and for ourselves.

People make mistakes, sometimes even with good intentions; it’s not the mistakes, but rather what we choose to do with those mistakes that defines our character.

Recognizing negative behaviors (or habits) which jeopardize happiness in ourselves and in our relationship, is the first step towards accepting responsibilty for our own words and actions.  This includes making a plan and giving a conscious effort to be the best person (and partner) we can.  But, if you are usually (or worse, always) the one initiating contact following an argument, or if you find yourself constantly making excuses for his lack of respect towards you, then you may need to reevaluate your relationship and consider the reasons why you’ve allowed someone to treat you badly; I mean, are you always the only one at fault… seriously?

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RE: The question, Are you usually the one to make up with him?  Read the description to your answer below.

Gabriel the Messenger NO (score one point)
If you both have tried to initiate discussions following past arguments (and you both are willing to apologize sincerely when at fault), then he will most likely be thinking of what to say when he contacts you. You and any issues regarding your relationship will be on his mind. Even if you broke up or things between you suddenly fizzled, there is a very good chance that you are in his thoughts constantly.

Gabriel the Messenger Yes
If you are always the one to come forward, even at those times when he should be the one to try and mend things (like when he is obviously at fault–cheating, lying, etc.), then you can be sure that he is thinking about you… but only to the extent of how he’ll react (or what story he’ll make up to appease you) when you contact him.


Is he thinking about me?

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Question Four:

Is he usually the one to initiate contact and try to make up with you?

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