When Will He Call (conclusion)

When Will He CallLet’s take a look at how you answered the questions from Topics One through Three.  For a more accurate and detailed answer, do not hesitate to contact us.  Please keep in mind that each person, relationship and situation is unique.  If you would like for me to look specifically into your situation, just click on my call button to the right (or here): Call Gabriel.

My Messengers and I are here to help you, and can tell you what he’s feeling, and if (or when) he will contact you.

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When Will He Call?

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 1 point, then truthfully, he has already moved on and you should do the same.  You deserve to feel loved and this guy isn’t “the one” to entrust your precious heart with.  Give your love to a loving man; not a knucklehead like this guy… he’s only going to keep you from allowing that amazing man, “the one” for you, to come into your life.  Walk away and don’t look back; you can do much better than this guy who’s not worth your time (or tears).

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 2 points, then he is thinking of you, but in the process of moving on and while you may have contact from him (in one of his weaker moments), it won’t be to truly reunite, but to assuage his loneliness.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 3 points, then you can be sure that he is getting ready to move on.  He may be involved with another woman, but most likely talking to, or dating several.  He thinks about you from time to time and may contact you at some point… but ask yourself if this relationship is really what you want.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 4 points, he may be starting to become attracted to other women.  It’s likely that you’ll hear from him, either for closure or to get an ego boost because he may be afraid to start dating again.  He is most likely insecure and looking to see if you find him attractive, because if you do, he believes other women will also.  When he contacts you, don’t be so quick to respond; (I know it’s hard).

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 5 points, then he is thinking of you, but in the process of deciding if he’s ready to start meeting and dating other women.  He’s having some difficulty getting over you and unsure if he wants to move on.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 6 points, he is starting to imagine life without you.  Things could go either way at this point.  When his fear of losing you is greater than his fear of failure, you’ll hear from him and he will want a fresh start in your relationship.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 7 points, both of you are wondering if it’s really over this time.  If you have a pattern of breaking up and getting back together again, then things could work out this time… but understand you two will repeat this process over and over again until one of you finally walks away for good (OR NOT, but only if you BOTH decide to address the communication problems in your relationship).

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 8 points, both of you may want to reconcile, but also may be feeling that the problems in your relationship are overwhelming.  Married couples (as well as unmarried partners) can benefit from relationship counseling.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 9 points, you are most likely on his mind; he may be trying to figure out what went wrong and how the problem can be fixed.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 10-14 points, it’s obvious you were emotionally close, and when you hear from him, expect that at some point in the near future, you will talk about what went wrong.  Men like to fix things, and during this time, he may be going over good memories (and the not-so-good ones too); he may try to get out and meet or date other women (but that will only make him miss you more).  Your absence from his life will have him asking hard questions.  He may be searching for reasons to contact you and when he does, don’t play games by not responding right away or waiting for him to call a certain number of times, because he already had his space from you.  He is
SHOWING you that he didn’t like it.  He missed you.  When couples share an emotional intimacy, it’s difficult for either party to be separated from the other.  If there was anger or an argument, contact will come after the cooling off period (which can be a different length of time than you hope for, but this is necessary for relationship growth).

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 15 points, then he is thinking of you probably more often than you are thinking of him.  You obviously have a connection, however, scoring all 5 points in every topic suggests that it might not be a healthy connection (see Stalking from Topic Three).  If he is stalking, this may become a dangerous situation for you and for those you care about.  Get help; talk to your local police.  Don’t stay silent; this is abuse!  YOU have nothing to be embarrassed about.  You are being victimized by his obsession (which is the opposite of love).  If you are having trouble coping, you may want to seek counseling.  Also, keep very detailed records and make copies.  Contact The National Center for Victims of Crime; their phone number is: (202) 467-8700.

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