Unrequited Messages

When Will He CallThere are times we feel the one we love and miss most is just needing a little nudge to contact us and so we may call them.  We get their voicemail; we leave a message.  When there’s no response, we send a text.  Again, since we don’t receive a reply, we make up some excuse for it and try more contact.  Sadly, we repeat this behavior believing that the next time he will answer and everything will be explained with a reasonable excuse.  He couldn’t call because…

If you’re doing this, I would ask you to please stop.  If you need to reach out, call a friend, call me, call the grocery store if you have to, but don’t call him.  This also includes writing long emails… stop the madness!  If you must do it, fine, but don’t send them to him.  Each unrequited message sends him further away.  Don’t allow yourself to get into this addictive habit, and if you already have, please do whatever it takes for you to stop; it’s destructive to your self-esteem and will ensure the loss of the very thing you are seeking.

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RE: The question, Have you been calling, text messaging, etc. and he is not answering nor returning contact?  Read the description to your answer below.

Gabriel the Messenger No (score one point)
Good. Men pursue and women select… allow him be the man (this is natural order).  He knows the only way he will be able to talk to you is if he calls and he will once he realizes that you are not going to hunt him down, nor chase him.  Each man has his own space of time when he goes from being sure that you will call (teary-eyed and wanting him back), to his own panic that you have found someone else (or just moved on).

Gabriel the Messenger Yes
Most men, especially the ones women are attracted to, prefer to be the pursuer.  Men love it when attractive women contact them, even those who bombard them with text messages and phone calls, but they are more attracted to the ones who don’t.  It’s crazy, but true.  When a woman (even one he is in love with), contacts him repeatedly, he won’t feel any urgency to answer his phone or return her messages.  If you are contacting him and not receiving any replies, then please stop (and call me or my Messengers instead).  We can tell you what he’s feeling and if this is his game, or his way of letting you go.

TOPIC Three:

Is It Over?

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Question Three:

Have you been facebook stalking or showing up at places you wouldn’t normally go, for the opportunity to “accidently” bump into him?

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