Topic Two (results)

When Will He CallBefore we move onto Topic Three, let’s take a look at how you answered the questions from the last Topic.  Please keep in mind that each person, relationship and situation is unique.  If you would like for me to look specifically into your situation, just click on my call button to the right (or here): Call Gabriel.

My Messengers and I are here to help you, and can tell you what he’s feeling, and if (or when) he will contact you.

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RESULTS of Topic Two:
Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 0 points, then truthfully, he may not be the right guy for you.  You deserve to be a full partner in your relationship…YOU DESERVE to be LOVED!  If this relationship leaves you feeling that you need closure, give it to yourself–don’t wait for his contact; my Messengers and I are available to help you.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 1-2 points, then he is thinking of you, however, he may be trying to move on.  He may have made his decision regarding which relationship to keep… but then again, he’s a flip-flopper and while you may still get contact, it will most likely be for HIS ego boost.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 3 points, then you can be sure that he is thinking about you.  You are missed and contact may come soon.  There will likely be an opportunity for more of the same treatment… yeah, I know, he’s changed.

Gabriel the Messenger If you scored 4-5 points, then he is thinking of you probably as often as you are thinking of him.  You obviously have a connection, so give him time to work out those issues, but don’t wait around.  If he loves you (and only you), then he will be back without his harem.

TOPIC Three:

Is It Over?

At the bottom of each post in this article you’ll find a question.  Take your time to answer “yes” or “no” and then turn to the next page for results.  You’ll want to keep track of your answers.

Question One:

Do you usually talk, text or somehow connect with each other every day?

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