Sharing Your Man

When Will He CallWhen we conjure up images of “the other woman”, we see an evil, manipulating person, but in reality this is a hurtful situation for both women.  It doesn’t matter which woman was there first, both women look to the other as “the other woman” (the enemy), and that’s sad because in most cases, you share a commonality… both of you are the cheater’s victims.  If he’s lying to you, what makes you think he’s not lying to her as well?  Cheaters lie because they have to; honesty means his game is over.  The LAST thing he wants is for the two of you to meet, speak, confront the other, etc., because the last thing he wants is to get caught.  He’s enjoying the ego boost he gets from playing with hearts.  In most cases, the other woman met a guy who told her that he was single and fell in love with him before finding out the truth.  To keep the affair, men will often make up excuses such as “staying for the kids”, etc.  Before assigning blame, consider which person made promises to you (and then broke them).

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RE: The question, Is he married or in a relationship with someone else?  Read the description to your answer below.

Gabriel the Messenger No (score one point)
Well, YAY!  He’s available for a relationship.  Seriously, this is a great sign that he’s either looking for a partner or perhaps has found one (you).

Gabriel the Messenger Yes
This obviously creates some serious issues in your relationship.  We’re available to help you understand his emotions and intentions, toward both you and the other woman.  If you would like for me to look specifically into your situation, just click on my call button to the right (or here): Call Gabriel.  Remember that My Messengers and I are here to help you, and can tell you what he’s feeling.

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  2 comments for “Sharing Your Man

  1. Hosting Andy
    October 14, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    We ve all heard the conversation about there not enough eligible men to go around, what happens if we choose to share those coveted strong, stable and available males. Can we?

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