Subconscious Intimacy

When Will He CallThe unconscious mind is made up of thoughts that occur automatically and influence our actions. Emotions are triggered when we connect a current event to a stored memory in our subconscious. It is the source of our intuition, dreams, automatic skills, and a very powerful motivator. I promised you proof that something is actually going on in your man’s head, and here it is:

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RE: The question, Are there certain events, memories and/or private jokes that only the two you share?  Read the description to your answer below.

Gabriel the Messenger YES (score one point)
This is a good sign for many reasons.  When he’s confronted with anything that resembles unique, shared memories with you, private jokes or similar physical or personality traits of yours, even just seeing or hearing your name, you WILL be in the forefront of his thoughts.  His subconscious mind will recall these things when he is involved in activities that don’t require concentration.  You can bet he is having dreams of you, even if he can’t recall them; his subconscious mind will be focused on you, memories of you and he will be curious to know if you are also thinking of him.  By answering YES, you are confident that you have established a connection with him.

Gabriel the Messenger No
While this does not indicate that he’s forgotten about you, he may not be receiving triggers that create a subconscious response to thoughts of you.  He may not be feeling a “connection” to you if he hasn’t invested himself emotionally.  You may be on his subconscious mind much less than if you created an emotional bond with him.


Is he thinking about me?

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Question Two:

Do most conversations with him end up in an argument?

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