Prank Calls

When Will He CallOne “Unknown”or “Restricted” hang up call or “wrong number” following an argument or breakup can usually be attributed to someone wanting to make up (or perhaps they’re missing you and just want to hear your voice).  It becomes a serious matter of deep concern when it continues and/or other stalkerish behaviors are involved.  Stalking is like walking into someone’s life uninvited… it is intrusive, invasive and illegal.  It violates our privacy and destroys our senses of safety and trust; it’s like breaking into a person’s home and rummaging through their personal items.  With the internet, easy access to information affords the stalker many avenues of watching you and the people you interact with.  Please note that I am only touching base on this disturbing behavior; it is a matter for Mental Health Experts, Law Enforcement and our Judicial System.

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RE: The question, Do you receive prank calls, weird friend requests on your social media accounts and/or bump into him unexpectedly because he is showing up at your favorite places?  Read the description to your answer below.

Gabriel the Messenger Yes (score one point)
Men feel uneasy calling after an argument, breakup or an extended period of silence.  ONE Prank call is a form of contact, and while immature, he is missing you and wanting to hear your voice.  HOWEVER, if this behavior continues, please keep track of all calls and messages.  DO NOT ERASE any messages he sends.  If he’s trying to gain access to email and other online accounts and/or using fake social media accounts to “friend” or contact you (and/or others connected to you), and/or stalking you in person, KEEP TRACK and report everything to your local police.  It is probable that you will get more contact from him, but not the kind that is good for you or your mental health.

Gabriel the Messenger No
This is a GOOD sign (and so what about getting the extra point, because this is the only question in this article where it is great NOT to get that point–he is not harassing you… which means that if you two reunite, you will have an opportunity for a mutually happy, healthy relationship built on a foundation of trust and respect).

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  4 comments for “Prank Calls

  1. Ann Weaver
    August 3, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    I just read Prank Calls. Gabriel I hope I don’t seem creepy because I can’t help stalking him.

  2. Esse O'Pluggin
    October 3, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    Hello Gabriel, I noticed that you put so much of yourself in your blogs here and on Keen. You’re the best! Thank you for caring. <3

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