The Phone Guard


Guarding His Cell Phone

Hmmmph! You’re in a relationship and may be living together, sharing expenses, etc., and yet not trusted enough to be left alone with your partner’s cell phone. If you notice that your partner is overly protective of their phone, pay close attention to their reactions when receiving a call or text. If it so happens that they suddenly have to go to the bathroom, or the store, etc. when that phone goes off, that is a warning sign. Is the phone always on vibrate these days? Cheaters tend to turn off the ringtone when around their partner. We use guards to protect things; why on Earth would someone who loves you and opens up every other area of their life to you, have to protect their phone… from you? This behavior is only acceptable if you are a convicted phone thief, otherwise, it’s a definite red flag and very common behavior among cheaters.

You suspect that his computer must be suffering from short-term memory loss because it shows nothing in the history and you KNOW he was on the computer very recently.

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