Unconditional Acceptance

When Will He CallWhen we love someone for who they are, we expect their best, but won’t judge them nor try to morph them into our image of perfection.  Acceptance is loving someone exactly the way they are right now with no desire or expectation of conforming to our ideals; it is pure and doesn’t rely on promises nor potential.  Emotional closeness is the byproduct of trust and acceptance.

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RE: The question, Are both of you accepting of each other’s flaws?  Read the description to your answer below.

Gabriel the Messenger YES (score one point)
Acceptance, both given and received is truly one the the most loving things we can do for anyone, especially someone we hope to have a long lasting relationship with.  When we feel accepted, we feel loved.  We are comfortable with those whom accept us in all of our humaness.  Men need and love women who expect great things from them, while accepting what he perceives to be his flaws.

Gabriel the Messenger No
No one likes to have their not so great features and/or habits constantly pointed out.  We tend to avoid, or at least limit our time with people who make us feel bad about ourselves.  If you answered NO, then the one who feels “picked on” may someday stand up for themselves by leaving this relationship.


Am I in Denial?

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Question Four:

Are lies, trust or infidelities an issue?

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